We enable transition to a more flexible workforce of the future

Who are the Polish GIGers and what are their expectations? These and other questions are answered by the latest GIGLIKE & EY report.

A GIGger is an independent talent, a flexible employee or a freelancer. Most often he or she is self-employed and cooperates on the basis of other flexible forms of employment.

The GIGger can work for more than one client at the same time, and his or her GIGs (projects) are usually limited in time or related to the execution of a task or project. This group is very diverse and includes highly qualified specialists (e.g. IT), professionals (e.g. consultants, doctors, lawyers) as well as those operating in the transport sector (e.g. drivers) and distribution sectors (e.g. couriers).

A GIG is a job, task, order or a project – most often temporary or short-term.

The GIGeconomy is a labor market characterized by the predominance of short-term or commissioned contracts as opposed to permanent jobs based on traditional forms of employment, such as an employment contract.

Our key advantages


    Mitigate your regulatory & reputational risk when collaborating with, remunerating and supporting independent talent


    Save up to 80% in administration costs thanks to simplified benefits and business services management for independent talent


    Stand out on the talent market and create a work environment for the workforce of the future

The complete & comprehensive business platform


benefits, services and business tools supporting cooperation with GIGgers in one place


tailored to individual needs and business model


exclusively for independent talents and entrepreneurs


gives flexibility in choosing the type of subscription best suited to your needs


for various services simplifies administrative and accounting processes


providing the most demanding benefits, services and business tools

Benefits and services from market-leading partners

  • Cash Director
  • Autenti
  • Grupa Luxmed

GIGstore - benefits and business services in one place

  • GIG pass

    administrative and accounting tools that make setting up and running your own business safe and simple

  • GIG benefits

    a flexible benefit package comparable to employee benefits

  • GIG kit

    a wide range of services and business tools to simplify everyday work

Do you want to know more?


The future of work looks different

  • Workforce of the future


    generations Y & Z think and work differently


    the need for a flexible approach to work and the opportunity to gain various experiences


    scarcity and concentrated needs for specialization in the labor market

  • Megatrends


    digitization allows you to save time and resources by using specialized platforms for dealing with online matters


    subscriptions as an increasingly popular form of using various services and products

  • GIGeconomy

    3x faster growth of flexible forms of employment than traditional ones thanks to platformization and digitization

  • Entrepreneurship


    increasing unemployment in traditional forms of employment causes interest in alternative solutions


    increased tax burden and uncertain future


    develop your business instead of wasting time on complicated operational and legal processes

Advantages of cooperation with GIGLIKE

Check what benefits we have for you

  • Lower the tax & legal risk
  • Flex workforce cost structure
  • Allows predictive benefits costs
  • Saves up to 80% administration costs
  • Builds unique employer brand
  • Increases engagement and retention
  • The first business platform responding to the needs of independent talent and dynamically developing GIGeconomy
  • An innovative way to reach the fast growing and affluent group of independent talent
  • Easy access to multiple corporate clients in one place
  • Constant and safe revenue thanks to the flexible subscription model
  • The first business platform dedicated exclusively to independent talent
  • Flexible benefits and business services easily available in one place
  • Competitive prices unattainable on the market with individual purchase
  • The best equipment at the lowest cost thanks to the subscription
  • Simplified administration thanks to one invoice

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